Friday, September 14, 2007

Bad pastor

Another "alleged" Baptist pedophile... 

FRESNO, Calif.—The pastor of Sierra Heights Baptist Church was arrested on felony child molestation charges, according to police.

Jail records showed John Bonine, 43, was arrested Monday and was still being held in Fresno County Jail Wednesday night as the congregation met to organize a leadership team to deal with the issue. The charges involve two children, both female, who were allegedly molested over several years.

Mansel Trimble, youth pastor at Sierra Heights, met with church members Wednesday to discuss what he called a "difficult and painful" episode for the church and for Bonine's family.

"We are looking for any way that we can be supportive to our pastor's family," he said. "We also recognize that our congregation is a victim."

Bonine's bail is set at $500,000 dollars.