Monday, August 06, 2007

Pastor punches autistic child

Edward Uyesugi, a pastor in training,is alleged to have repeatedly punched a 14-year old autistic boy in the face while performing an exorcism.

According to court documents filed July 20, Uyesugi told the boy's mother he could cure her son's autism by "casting the demons out of him" and insisted the boy be brought home from the group home in which he was living so Uyesugi could perform the ritual. She was under the impression Cherry Hill Church knew about the "exorcism" and consented to it, the affidavit said.

Uyesugi's church, Cherry Hill Ministries, asked for his resignation and have publicly backed away from his "unauthorized" exorcism.

"We emphatically denounce the method, manner and mentality of this unauthorized and unsupervised exorcism attempted by this young man.

They denounce... yet they still perform exorcisms?

Note to the Paoli, Indiana police department: Arrest the mother too.