Thursday, August 09, 2007

Only in Texas: Fundie running the Board of Education

Don McLeroy has been on my fundie watch list for a few years. His antics on the Texas State Board of Education would have lead to his ouster in almost any other state. Not so in Texas, he's been promoted chair the Board of Education. The National Center for Science Education is up in arms.

In a press release dated August 7, 2007, the Texas Freedom Network accused Don McLeroy, who recently was appointed as the new chair of the Texas state Board of Education, of harboring "a shocking hostility to both sound science education and religious tolerance." TFN's charge was based on the transcript of a 2005 talk McLeroy gave at Grace Bible Church in Bryan, Texas, on the debate over teaching evolution and "intelligent design." "This recording makes clear the very real danger that Texas schoolchildren may soon be learning more about the religious beliefs of politicians than about sound science in their biology classes," TFN President Kathy Miller said. "Even worse, it appears that Don McLeroy believes anyone who disagrees with him can't be a true Christian."

Read the transcript, McLeroy is a fundie loon hell bent on throwing out the teaching of evolution in the classroom. He will chair the Texas Board of Education until 2009. What the hell are they thinking?

I first heard of Don McLeroy while driving through the hill country of Texas. I passed a radar trap town's only church at a blinding 25 miles per hour. The sign out front read "Pray for Don McLeroy". I thought he had leukemia.

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PhillyChief said...

Texas scares me. It's becoming the model for the fundies' plan for supplanting the Republic of the US with a xtian theocracy.