Saturday, August 18, 2007

A new personal best

365-8 a spike in the hole I have been focused on weight loss for a few months now. Besides a modified diet, exercise is playing a key role in shedding the pounds. I try to play Disc Golf as often as I can. A full game is about 2 hours of gentle but consistent movement. A few months ago, a single game would take me to the edge of my endurance and require at least two days to recover. I was in bad shape. I played this morning. I've played five time this week. Today's game left me slightly winded, but ready for another round. Tomorrow I'll try for 27 holes.

Beside feeling better when I play, my score is improving. I birdied four holes today to finish with a +2 - my personal best. I also reached a weight loss milestone this morning. I've lost 37 pounds I have not seen my current weight in 15 years.


IsThatLatin said...

That's pretty awesome. I myself have never been huge, but being a small person in a family of angry large people has left me with some body image issues. When I hit my mid-20's and my metabolism changed, I gained weight - about 30-40 pounds more than I was used to. This past January I started eye-balling my portions and going to the gym. I've lost 17 pounds since then and actually really enjoy the exercise. Losing weight -- any amount of weight -- is no easy task. Lots o'luck to you!

Johnny Crow said...

Congrats man, I am glad to hear it! Keep up the good work, we are all rooting for ya!