Friday, August 24, 2007

I see dumb people

It's a curse. I see dumb people. Like Jim Naugle, the Mayor of Fort Lauderdale. Besides his asinine attempt to ruin the tourism industry of his city, his fundamentalist views cloud every issue he touches.  His attempt to stop the move of the prestigious Stonewall Library is a case in point. Naugle plays up the issue as exposing children who would use the public to gay pornography. Nothing he says could be farther from the truth. The Stonewall is a research library and although it might contain some erotica, its main focus is social in nature.

Our archives, which currently contain more than 5,000 items, document a century of GLBT cultural and social history with an emphasis on the southeastern United States. The collection has been professionally catalogued and is maintained According to strict conservation standards. It is used by community leaders, writers, scholars, researchers, historians, and members of the general public. Among the many treasures in the archives are our extensive pulp fiction collection; organizational records of local, national and regional LGBT organizations; our large serials collection; personal records of local and national personalities; the Joel Starkey Collection; gay erotica –pictorial works; and LGBT ephemera, film, audio and oral histories.

The Getty has a research library, one needs an appointment and a researchers card to access the materials. My local library has a local history research library, they control access too. The Stonewall is no different. Children will never be able to causally browse library stacks full of gay porn. Children cannot even access the library, one must be 18 to enter. Suggesting that children are at risk is irresponsible. Deliberately misrepresenting facts is lying. Using children as an excuse to hide one's hatred and fear of homosexuals is cowardice. Yet this is exactly what Jim Naugle did -  on Bill O'Reilly no less.

I've posted on Jim Naugle - he's already a nutball.