Friday, August 10, 2007

The forces of theocracy never sleep

What the hell? Sonora votes for In God We Trust.

SONORA, Calif.—Local officials have agreed to display the motto "In God We Trust" on a wall at city hall.

Sonora's city council passed the measure unanimously Monday. Twenty-five other U.S. cities have similar displays.

Supporters say it does not violate the Constitution's ban on separation of Church and State. Although courts have allowed use of the motto at public buildings, critics say it favors Christianity over other religions and atheism.

"We're not going to try to interpret 'whose God,'" Mayor Hank Russell said.

We're not going to try to interpret "whose God" - Smells fishy to me. In God We Trust is an endorsement of the Christian God. What if you believe in many gods? What if you don't trust in God at all? How does this statement represent all people? 


vjack said...

This kind of thing pisses me off because it is a slap in the face to secular residents. Government is supposed to be for all of us, not just the deluded.

Anonymous said...

Separation of Church and State. Not such a difficult concept, is it? Not so hard to understand that this is what the Founders of our country wanted..desired..planned for? Religion has no place in matters of State..just as matters of State have no place in religion. And, which religion? I have no doubt but that you are strong in your beliefs, but there are near 4000 different religions/branches/schisms/sects across the globe.. What makes you think that *your* choice in belief is better than any of the other 3999+..? The odds are very heavily against you. Keep religion in your any place of does NOT belong in our schools, our economy or our politics. Faith in fiction is no way to govern a people...