Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Evangelism in the Military

I am a veteran. I remember the subtle evangelism experienced during boot camp. If a recruit wanted to escape the tedium of cleaning the barracks, all that was required was a trip to the chapel on Sunday morning. Two hours of blissful escape was the reward. I never attended, but just about everyone else did. Conditions have deteriorated since my days in the service. Evangelism is sponsored by the highest ranking members of our military.

A report released publicly on Thursday by the Defense Departments (DOD) inspector general has found high-ranking Army and Air Force personnel violated long-standing military regulations when they participated in a promotional video for an evangelical Christian organization while in uniform and on active duty.

Bush has promoted military leaders based on their loyalty and religious affiliation. The purge of professional military leaders is sickening. It will take years for our military to recover. Until then, we have high ranking military officials appearing in Christian propaganda videos as if it were officially endorsed by the United States Government. Does anyone think these anti-American activists will be prosecuted for what is a clear violation of the Uniform code of Military justice? I'll hold my breath.


Intergalactic Hussy said...

I'm always happy to see a veteran not giving in to the bullshit of the military. My boyfriend was in the Navy and had similar issues. I think his biggest beef were the dog tags that the best he could do was "no religious pref".

It's annoying that religion is not only seen as a virtue but a necessity to be successful in some arenas.

Carolyn Ann said...

Yeah, when I went into a Catholic Hospital there was not entry on the form for "atheist"... Not quite the same as the military, but your comment, IH, reminded me of that moment.

I thought it was clearly stated as illegal, and completely against the policies of the Joint Chiefs to be evangelical in uniform?

Like you, Mojoey, I'm going to hold my breathe and wait for a prosecution. Now, where did I place that secret breaking tube?

Carolyn Ann

Mojoey said...

Carolyn Ann - I just had the same thing happen. I have surgery scheduled soon. The pre-op checklist did not offer Atheist. I went with "no preference", which means some random religious person will stop in to pray over me. It pissed me off. I opted to hold my complaints until after surgery.

Carolyn Ann said...

You could share my other experience: the minister who turned up was quite a nice fellow. As we sat chatting, he dozed off!

(I don't recall the conversation, but it must have been riveting...)

Best wishes on the surgery!

Carolyn Ann

pinhead said...

Glad to know I'm not the only guy in BCT (Ft. Benning) who was shocked when it was either pick up butts for two hours in the cold or go to church. Of course it gets even better: the catholic service was extra early, so to make it on time, catholics got into the DFAC ahead of everyone else - funny how many black guys converted to catholicism during BCT. When the big general visited prior to graduation there was a mandatory "prayer breakfast" with him. Drill sergeant did not want to discuss this with me when I said it wasn't cool - he said, "just go, sit there, and don't make any trouble." Hoo-ah!