Sunday, August 12, 2007

Background checks might be a good idea

Let's say you are running a sleep away camp for young Christian boys. If the camp does background checks on all personnel, including those volunteering from the local churches sending boys to camp, then costs go up and you run the risk of turning away volunteers. Without volunteers, the camp cannot function. Without a functioning camp, no new Christian children God will be mad. No good Christian businessman wants to piss off God. It's best to trust the churches to do the background checks. After all, you must break a few eggs to make an omelette.

Scioto Youth Camp has walked in to the fire of hell with their eyes wide open.

A background check on Keil was done at the church he belonged to, said Pastor Tom Alexander of the Fairfield Christian Church. But the check done on June 27 for Keil did not turn up any prior criminal record during the past year. However, Keil was convicted of corruption of minor in Pennsylvania in 1990. He received four years probation, according to Perry County Sheriff's Lt. Paul Drake.

Are these guys crazy? They let Timmy Keil, a convicted child molester, have free access to young boys simply because of a concern over loosing volunteers. They might as well have molested the children themselves.

Atheist Rule #1 for sleep away camps. Trust but verify.