Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Wiccan molestation case

Well this is a first (as least for Deep Thoughts). Sean and Rachelle Pelino have been arrested for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a 15 year-old girl. They are accused of using drugs and the Wicca Religion to lure a young girl into a year-long sexual relationship.

"We don't worship the devil and most of us don't accept the concept of absolute evil," said the Wiccan believer.

People who practice Wicca follow a set of rules called the Rede.

It states: "Harm none, do as you will."

Right. I believe that.


vjack said...

Oh man, the Christian extremists will have a field day with this one. Perfect timing to coincide with the renewed Harry Potter insanity.

Anonymous said...

There are alot of Wiccans in Dallas. Many are very cool people that tend to have a live and let live attitude, kinda loopy, bright and hippy; however, once they open up about their belief in majiks you start to feel that they're a little -er- barmy.

Sometime I'll regale you on how I was thrown out of Laurie Cabot's (the witch of Salem) occult shop. If you want a laugh, google Ms. Cabot.

Carolyn Ann said...

It's astonishing, absolutely astonishing, how people stubbornly remain people, regardless of their religious beliefs.

People will manipulate, coerce and persuade when they want something. And if they want it badly enough (and either perceive their deed(s) as "not criminal" or simply don't think there's much chance of being caught), they'll take the thing they desire.

I don't think religion has anything to do with it; but religious authority does. If you're in a position of trust, then the debasement of that trust simply makes the crime more heinous. Their apologists simply congratulate themselves on their piety, and the transgressor on their virtue. (The victim? Who?)

Mixing myth with fact will always be, and has always been, "not good" for the victims. It's not terribly impressive for the rest of us, either.

Carolyn Ann

Johnny Crow said...

I suppose it is not the religion I fear so much but rather the people who hide behind it in order to mask their own perverseness

ajdrew said...

As the father of two and the author of A Wiccan Bible, I would like to be shocked by this, but I can not. My community not only welcomes such things, it defends and promotes folk who write joyfully about such things at much earlier ages. Consider what Gavin and Yvonne Frost have written and what the Church and School of Wicca has instructed. I am disgusted by the idea that children as early as 10 years old should be sexually initiated after being intoxicated. But from what I can tell, folk like Isaac Bonewitz, Patricia Telesco, Chas Clifton and others disagree with me rather publicly. In fact, Gavin and Yvonne Frost (the folk who wrote published such instructions) are often guest speakers at Pagan Pride events, Starwood, Serius Rising, the Florida Pagan Gathering, and so on and so forth.

So while I am disgusted to hear this has taken place (yet again), I am not shocked as our community continues to support this type of behavior and when folk like me stand against it, many of our community leaders attack me for doing so.

korman said...

Sexual abuse is no more part of Wicca than it is part of Christianity.

Tara said...

These people are not wiccan any more than a person is christian because they own bible. They have previously had their children taken away by CPS for neglect. They post indecent photos on their myspace account to get attention and meet people. They have also previously tried to lure a minor to their home. They have begged, borrowed and stolen from friends and family for the past 10 years and currently both live off of SSI for being bi-polar and brag about getting the free money when they know they dont have a disability that prohibits them from working.

Anonymous said...

What Tara failed to mention is that the woman was being controlled, manipulated and physically not to mention sexually beaten down by the husband. The poor woman was a friend of mine. She would tell me constantly how her husband made her do things she didn't believe in. And if she didn't comply he would threaten to hurt her, take their children and go underground so that she would never see them again. She would constantly tell me the only reason she stayed was to try and keep the kids in a home with both parents. The woman wasn't allowed to go anywhere let alone drive(she had no drivers license,he wouldn't allow her to learn) without the husband. It was sickening how possessive and controlling and not to mention abusive and toxic his influence was over her. I did however see her recently in public and she stated that she divorced him and is now moving forward with her life in a healthy safe place. She is also working with a therapist to fix the mental scars her ex-husband inflicted on her. She looked much healthier and had an actual smile on her face. I never once in the time she lived near me ever saw her smile. Her sadness and fear used to overrule her 7 years ago, I can plainly see that her mental capacity is in a much better place now that she doesn't have him telling her when to jump and how high. She also told me that the case against her was not truly based on the wiccan hype the news blasted. She stated that the media used a ceremony that was non-related to get the ratings. She also stated that she just wants to move forward with her life.