Friday, July 27, 2007

I do not think this will help the cause

Three teens are alleged to have vandalized a church in New York. They painted Long Live Atheism in blue letters above the entrance to the Church.  The crime occurred over the 4th of July weekend.

What were they thinking?

"The suspects not only burned the American flag but also spray painted slogans and symbols on the church which lead us to believe this is a hate crime," says Investigator Cindy Mullen of the New York State Police.

This is no way to treat our neighbors. We might not agree with them, but expressing contempt in the form of vandalism is simply unacceptable.

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vjack said...

There is no way those teens are real atheists. Real atheists would never do such a thing because all real atheists are filled with the love of Charles Darwin and...okay that's enough of that.

Johnny Crow said...

I see it this way... It is a reaction to an establishment that has oppressed them for a long time. I once was a kid with the tenacity to do something like that but not the idiocy to do it like that. What I usually did was protest in a better way. I didn't stand for the pledge wherever I went (1. because I didn't believe in god, 2. To oppose the policies of our government). What those kids need is a direction to see what is appropriate and what is right and wrong, because there is so much anger and angst in them they need something to do...

I think instead of shunning them like our opponents would. Simply show them that it is wrong and that Athiest still follow the law and have ethics and values and show them ways to fight back at "the man" in a more fruitful way.

Johnny Crow said...

I would also like to point out that a lot of people assume that the theory of evolution seeks to disprove "gods" existence. When that is not the case. In fact it is a Hypotheses (see the difference between Theory and Hypotheses) called Abiogenesis which is the formation of life from non-living matter. Darwin's work is something that HAS been proven on many level and is continually updated as more information is revealed. The reason it is not a LAW is because there is much to learn much like the Newtons theory of universal gravitation.

Just thought I would throw that little bit of info out there.