Monday, June 18, 2007

Opening closed societies

A French bishop, Monsignor Pierre Pican, was convicted for failing to tell police of pedophile. He was given a suspended sentence. It is the first time a senior French clergyman has been convicted of a crime since the Revolution.

Monsignor Pierre Pican, the Bishop of Bayeux, was tried in June for failing to tell the police authorities that one of his priests had admitted sexually abusing boys in his care. The prosecution was the first of its kind in France and forced the French Catholic Church to revise publicly its advice to prelates on how to deal with paedophile priests.

I am going to file this one under "any progress is good progress". Simply bringing charges against a bishop is a step in the right direction. Now that Monsignor Pican has been convicted for his role in hiding a pedophile priest from justice. Perhaps he will not be so recalcitrant the next time.


rmacapobre said...

this is indeed good news. go france!

Carolyn Ann said...

Yup. Pity there's no similar requirement over here.

Carolyn Ann

Psychodiva said...

well- it's a start