Saturday, June 16, 2007

Feed the muse: A Place in the Sun

Fellow Los Angeles Photographer John Humble has an exhibit at the Getty

Since the mid-1970s American photographer John Humble has documented greater Los Angeles, creating images that explore the postmodern qualities of America's second largest city. This exhibition focuses on two distinct bodies of work from Humble's lengthy career: the urban landscape and the Los Angeles River. Both are journeys through the built environment and diverse neighborhoods that make up the city.

I am conflicted. I plan to see his exhibit, but do not want to really go. Humble is a photographer for whom I have little respect. When I see his images, I instantly think that I could do better. Heck, I have done better. We tend to photography the same types of images. Everything seems so familiar. It is a strange feeling, almost like someone is looking over my shoulder.

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Psychodiva said...

Just been to have a look at his site- I agree - they could be better- you might like these instead

I keep going back to look at these and intend to emulate them on my next trip abroad :)

Psychodiva said...

sorry- the address got cut in half- so here it is

Johnny Crow said...

You know, I too hate it when I see some (or rather read something) that I know is not GREAT, it is merely ok. BUt because of cercumstance or something their work is publish. Here I sit and go.. damn this is CRAP or maybe... I could do better than this.. I have done better than this... but then again.. I am still not published and he/she/it/they are... sigh... and here I thought we lived in a meritocracy