Monday, June 11, 2007

Deacon Murders Pastor

Before I get started, I first have to ask, where the hell is Great Barrington? After a little digging around I figured out it was in Massachusetts. I have never heard of it before. No have I heard of Becket, Cheshire, Lanesborough, or even Southern Berkshire for that matter. Mount Washington gave it away. I figured it was a long shot that England would have a Mount Washington. (It's the little things which make blogging fun.)

The Pastor of the AME Zion Church was allegedly murdered by a Deacon of the AME Zion Church, who then tried unsuccessfully tired to kill himself. The victim, Pastor Esther Dozier, was stabbed in the chest by her husband, Henry Dozier.

I have two scenarios running around in my head tonight. A classic small church power struggle, or a less sexy but just as likely, he just grew tired of her snoring. Either way, I am sure Henry Dozier was in some way inspired by the light sentence given to Mary Winkler.

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The Exterminator said...

Great Barrington, despite its name, is a dipshit town not far from the southwestern corner of Massachusetts, at the lower end of the Berkshires. The surrounding countryside can be beautiful, particularly during the fall foliage season, but GB is sort of generic New England, minus the charm. Here's a third scenario for you: Henry mistook his wife for an atheist.

Angela said...

How dare you! These are real people with real families that love and care for them. I know you won't believe this, but this story could be a story about you or your parents or anyone you love. Think about how you would feel reading these comments now if they were about your loved ones. Hank and Esther are my aunt and uncle and our family is in pain I hope and pray you never experience. This is a sad tragedy. Show some decency and please stop with these insensitive posts.

Mojoey said...

How dare I? Simply ask your uncle to stop murdering people and I will stop writing about him.

and... I am sorry for your loss.

mcr2214 said...

Mojoey. I have one word for you...karma!!! As Angela states, this could have very well happened to someone in your life. The tagline in the header of your article states "Sometimes I just have to speak my mind", but here's a little eye opener for don't HAVE TO do anything.

Mojoey said...

Karma? what the heck is that? I don't believe in Karma any more than I believe in God. A man of god murdered his pastor wife. It sucks but it is true. I post on these types of things because Christians are always telling me of their moral superiority. Every tragic story like this proves this myth untrue.