Saturday, June 09, 2007

Blogroll Update: 300 members

I should say we've hit around 300 members. Our current count is 301. I've been pruning the blogroll of inactive blogs over the last month. We've lost over a dozen so far, while at the same time, we have gained nearly twice a many new members. I think it is a good trend.

I have explored nudity in several of my posts this month. I have been researching nudity in art with an eye towards America's Puritan tenancies. Our 300th member, a French blog named le tiers Monde,  has already posted on this subject, so I'm going steal part of it.

to those ignorant puritans, this painting by jules-claude ziegler is disgusting. they fail to see, as they fail to see many many many things, the beauty of the human form especially that of an adult female. seeing thru the eyes of their forebears, whose religion they have innocently accepted growing up, as they have been taught nudity as being repulsive, only then to be appreciated but never acknowledged, in the hidden chambers of their theology infested minds.


le tiers Monde points to a link for Femme Femme Femme (woman, woman, woman). It is a blog dedicated to the female form in art. It covers a wide range of artists and styles.

Photographies, dessins, images, caricatures, illustrations, pin-ups, sculptures et peintures dont le thème principal est la femme, sous toutes ses formes, autour des différents proverbes et citations de la vie quotidienne.

My French is a little rusty - suffice it to say, this blog covers photography, painting, drawings, sculpture  - all with an emphasis on the female form.

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rmacapobre said...

hi mojoey,

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vjack said...

The blogroll numbers seem to confirm my impression that there has been quite a bit of growth in the number of atheist blogs in the last year or so. Good news!

Johnny Crow said...

Thought you would like this!

Mojoey said...

oh so right - I loved it.