Monday, May 14, 2007

who you calling a cult?

I just finished watching the BBC Panorama episode on Scientology. After watching John Sweeney loose it on YouTube, I was primed for some good old fashion "fair game" tactics. Scientology did not disappoint.

Scientology objects to being called a cult. The nice thing about living is America is I can scream Scientology is a CULT CULT CULT, and they can do nothing besides harass the hell out of me, there is nothing they can do about it.  Besides - its true.

The fact the Scientology attracts actors is not a sign of its significance. I do not give actors any special credence simply because the act for a living. I don't give anybody a special pass because of what they do for a living, they need to earn my respect. Tom Cruise calling psychiatry bogus does not make him smart, or right, or even worth listening too. I don't care if his cult has him listed as a level 7 Thetan from beta epsilon or some other made up title, level or position. He is just an actor with money. That makes him dangerous in my book. His actions prove this out.

As for the other Scientologists - all I can say is the only pseudo-religions movement I hold in lower esteem are the are Wiccans. They made it up, they know they made it up, and they play act at it anyway. Just like the Tom Cruise.

Note to Tom Cruise: The only reason you have a roof over your head is because my mother like to look at your ass. Feel proud?

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Imogen said...

Hi Joe...

Interesting piece. I like the how the Scientologist says in the US everyone has a right to freedom of relgion while telling the reporter to stop calling the church a cult.

Buddy, there's also freedom of I can say Scientology is a cult. Cult, cult, cult, cult

Donald Sullivan said...

L Ron Hubbard, a science FICTION writer, founded The Church of Scientology--that should tell people something. Hubbard tried to get another science fiction writer, A E van Vogt, to support him in founding the church.

Van Vogt supported him at first, but then quit. Hubbard told van Vogt that there was fame and fortune in writing science fiction, but went on to say that the really big fame and fortune was in founding a religion.