Saturday, May 19, 2007

My first Youtube video

I am a late adopter. I think it comes from working in IT. I have been burned too many times to count by some new application or patch. YouTube is another example of my wait and see approach. I like YouTube fine, but I have never even tried to make a video for upload. Most of my effort goes into Flickr.

I've been stuck in my house for a few days because of a back injury. In my considerable boredom, I poked around with some new tools to see what all the video excitement is about. I took some footage of an night time drive around the Arc de Triomphe, set it to music, added a few titles and transitions, and voila. - It was easy. Now I can make videos too.

Prepare to be underwhelmed:

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barbidoll31 said...

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tina said...

Pretty good, wish I was there!

RG said...

Non! You will have a Renault!

Mojoey said...

RG - I am happy you were in Paris with me to witness that event. Whenever I tell the story, no one believes me.

Stew said...

No traffic lights, no signs. How does it work??? It should be 1 great traffic disaster, but it just works