Sunday, May 13, 2007

A little spanking

I grew angry as I read this last night. So angry, I could not write what crossed my mind. If you don't know the story, I'll retell it below.

In May of 2006 the mother of a 12-year-old girl brought her daughter to pastor Daryl Bujak for counseling because the girl claimed a family member had molested her. Pastor Bujak thought the girl was lying and chose to spank her with a three food board during three months of "counseling". Bujak also neglected to inform state authorities of the molestation claim, which he was legally obligated to do. Once the mother wanted to take the issue to the proper authorities, Bujak tried to dissuade her. Even going so far as to poison the well with the local congregation.

Can anyone guess what denomination Pastor Daryl Bujak represents... That's right. He is a Baptist. (ok, an unaffiliated fundamentalist church is more accurate) In fact, pastor Daryl Bujak still leads the First Missionary Baptist Church in Elgin, Illinois. Pastor Bjuak can be reached by email at

Bujak's website does not mention his arrest or the charges pending against him, or why he would choose to use a board to beat a little girl's ass black and blue instead of protecting her from Matt Resh - the man who is alleged to have repeatedly molested her (and to have spanked her). No, he talks about what he believes instead - as if it matters.

Her is the sick part - Matt Resh is alleged to have spanked the young girl during his sexual assaults. Bujak knew this, yet continued to spank the lies out of her.

Now that that a new charge of "conduct of an insulting or provoking nature" has been added to Bujak's crimes, Is it too much to ask for his resignation?


Anonymous said...

I know this one seems to care that this girl was accusing matt resh , her adopted FATHER, of molestation since she was one cares at all... Matt Resh , the disgusting troll in question,works for Kraft in Chicago, in the cheese section of the company...ironic huh? Call kraft and ask WHY they keep a pedophile on as an employee...I've also spoken with Bujak and the man is one sick puppy...he is a disgusting excuse of a mammal and NOT a Christian no matter what he says...

Anonymous said...

I know Bujak and find that he is a great man. The only thing he should be charged with is being young and naive. There was no "conspiracy" with Resh. The meida has distorted the facts, as usual, and people reading this crap have been just as dumb. Bujak does not have a record of any sort and has lived a Christian life. The spanking, as put it, was recommended and permission was given by the mother, becuase of her daughter's behavior, not because of the sexual abuse, and let's not forget that Illinois does not have a law against corporal punishment. Many Christian schools have corporal punishment. Next time you decide to right CRAP - make sure your facts are straight. Bujak did not molest the girl - Resh did - hmmmmm why not an article about

Anonymous said...

I would like you to know that Bujak was found innocent. All charges dropped. You should right about Resh. The pervert wo molested the girl. Bujak did NOT spank her for that long...TRUTH CAME OUT!

Mojoey said...

Send me a link to any press covering his innocence and I will be happy to post it to the front page of my blog.

I looked today but could not find anything. It is not my policy to print hearsay, so a link to something tangible is required.

Anonymous said...

Well, Bujak being found innocent is a lie of course probably coming from one of his brainwashed followers.
Here's a link (although you'll probably have to go into archives to see it)Tribune staff report

December 22 2007

ELGIN -- A judge refused Friday to dismiss one of the counts against an Elgin minister charged with spanking a 12-year-old girl whose mother did not believe her claims that she had been sexually abused.

The complete article can be viewed at:,1,5743186.story

Visit at

The guys a fundamental nut job that shames the name of Christ. His autonomy is another word for "no accountability" I am a conservative Christian but this guy might want to check the condition of his soul.
Matthew Resh on the other hand, is a cockroach straight from the bowels of hell. He's molested more than just the one girl. He has unsupervised visits with his other children as well. Pray for them.

Anonymous said...

Bujak has been found guilty.

See the Chicago Tribune article:,0,121995.story

An excerpt "Bujak was found guilty of two counts of battery for spanking the 12-year-old during counseling sessions in 2005 at First Missionary Baptist Church in Elgin."

Mojoey said...

I love justice. Too bad the fat bastard did not get any jail time.

Anonymous said...

I know Bujak's family and his sister has claimed their mother was very abusive so maybe he thought it was ok to do so as well. And his sister is a nut too ~ very very controlling and Bujaks sister and her husband run a church up in MI and Bujaks dad attends there also ~ will daryl bujak go up there and get on staff probley so