Friday, May 18, 2007

Is this hate speech?

Comic Pat Condell in US 'hate speech' row - I don't get it. This sounds like the exercise of free speech to me. But then again, I don't live in appeasement minded Berkeley.

Jonathan Wornick, who is on the ‘peace and justice commission’ adivising Berkeley city council emailed his colleagues with the link, saying it was ‘an honest attempt to bring dialogue’.

But his actions have caused a political storm. Commissioner Michael Sherman said Condell’s views were ‘stunning’ because of his ‘stereotyping and bigotry of the tone and the language’.

And commissioner Elliot Cohen called the tape ‘insulting, degenerating and racist’.

‘People should not be allowed to spew racist propaganda without others being able to respond,’ Cohen said. ‘It’s not about free speech - it’s hate speech.’

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Johnny Crow said...

I could hear a bit of derogatory euphemisms in his "speech" but in reality it seems like a venting diatribe. I like it, even if it was offensive.. actually even more so because of that. I could have easily have said something very similar against christianity, or even islam and the like. It's asinine to think that people deserve "special" treatment because they are in a religion. Well piss on that. Thanks for the video!

yinyang said...

It was intelligent, even if it was offensive - though, having seen another of his videos (and noting his smile), I think he's joking on some level (well, duh, he's a comedian). At least, I would think he realizes that not all Muslims proscribe to the fundamentalism. And, "mental illness" might be a little strong as well, but... overall, he makes a good point.

Not like anyone's opinion of the piece really matters: "hate speech" is not a crime (unless it's intention is to incite lawlessness or violence) and the US (or anyone else, for that matter) has little to no jurisdiction over the Internet. So there.

Psychodiva said...

briliant- proud to be a BRit at times like this :) Completely agree with him and would have to extend the piece about women covering their faces to Nuns- and just ask ???WHY????