Sunday, May 27, 2007

Feed the muse: 337 Project

I am a big fan of street art and graffiti. Finding a good work is always uplifting. It is a shame I don't live in Utah, because the 337 Project looks to be full of good works. What is Project 337 (and why Utah?)

Across the street from the old Oquirrh School, at 337 South 400 East, stands a bland, derelict, grey stucco two-story building. An example of the worst late 70's remodel and reuse of a residential dwelling as an office building, this narrow, labyrinthine collection of rooms, hallways, stairs and closets will be demolished soon to make space for Utah's first all-green, mixed-use loft-style condominiums. Before this exemplary development begins, the building has been turned over for use as a 20,000 square foot canvas, hosting the largest single collaboration of Salt Lake area contemporary artists ever to be gathered and directed toward a community installation, performance and happening: a high-profile art project entitled 337.

I did not have my ear to the ground on this one. I would have flown up to Utah for sure.

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aidan said...

Toronto has some talented graffiti artists. I watched a guy on Queen West produce an impromptu piece of magic with a few spray cans. In a lot of ways I prefer the looser, improvisational stuff to the more carefully designed pieces.