Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pastor Pedophile in Whittier

This is starting to become to gruesome a task for me. With each passing day my Google news filter delivers a new pedophile pastor. It is really quite sickening. This new one, Misael Blanco Sarsoza, is alleged to have performed a lewd act on a nine year old girl.  

Misael Blanco Sarsoza, 56, of West Covina, was working as an assistant pastor when the child's grandparents reported the suspected molestation to Whittier police, who arrested him April 5, authorities said.

Most of the cases have been Baptists, this one is from the Whittier Seventh-Day Adventists.


Dan Harlow said...

You should put together a list of all these sickos - maybe even make a pastor hall of shame page. Of course the page might become so huge it would crash the internet but that in itself would prove the point.

beepbeepitsme said...

God apparently doesn't want them to keep their dick in their pants is the only explanation.

avivanco said...

It's a shame that these pastors have commited these hanous crimes. What's even more unfortunate is that sexual assualt and sexual crimes are an epidimic in our society and in our world. For example, in south africa alone, 50 children are raped daily. In America a woman is raped every 2 minutes. Our media enjoys sensationalising these "christian" crimes because it sells stories and builds advertising dollars. But what about the other million criminals who never get caught. I wonder what religion or beliefs they hold? Could you do an ad search on those? I can only say that my prayers will continue to go out to the victims and their families.

Mojoey said...

Avivanco – I think what you are saying is that “the millions” of criminals who never get caught must not be Christians. I am going to assume by “not Christian” you mean atheist. Statistics show our prison population to have a very small number of Atheists across all classis of crimes. Most images identify themselves as Christian. I think it is reasonable to expect that a large portion of the inmate population is Christian, and an even larger segment falls into the un-churched or some-church category. What is clear is that there is no atheist epidemic. However, there a well documented Christian epidemic.

I prefer to live in a reality-based world. You should too.

avivanco said...

Actually that is not what I meant. I was curious to know what the stats show, if any. I did not equate "not Christain" as being athiest. Human Beings are capable of anything. In all of history there are many accounts of lewed acts in many cultures, religious or not religious. By the way, you have a lot of good statistics. Where do you get them? Thanks.

IrishSexOffender said...
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Mojoey said...

Sorry Irishsexoffender - off kilter hate filled nutfucks do not get to post here.

Anonymous said...

alright. i know this man personally. he did not do anything wrong. whoever made this shit up is a fuckin pussy. they just want his money. they have no prrof. he has no criminal records. and if you delete this comment you're a fuckin pussy.

Anonymous said...

anonymous i know him too.
but. no need for the language, right?
cuz, i mean, are sda's[if you are one] supposed to use profanity?
and i totally agree with you but..

CryTears said...

JUST because you KNOW anyone DOES NOT mean they are innocent!
ONLY GOD and persons involved knows what is done in private!
My son was molested by a Pathfinder Leader in Angwin Calif.
Leo Morgan, a trusted and very respected leader, married, was surgical nurse in SDA hospital St Helena San.
My brother "TW" lived across from "Uncle Leo", spent every minute with him.
I allowed my son "TY" (close age as TW) spend the night with TW.
Leo's wife there, why not? WRONG! He raped my son anally in middle of the night. IN SAME BED AS TW!
Leo warned that he would kill TW if he told! Who would believe him anyway. He'd tell he was gay!

My son believed, kept this secret more than 10 yrs.
Only after failed suicide attempt shared what Leo had done.
Charges filed w/Napa Sheriffs dept.
TW called Leo to alert what TY was telling and defended Leo with all his might, turning against my son, calling him ugly names,saying he gay just trying "come out of the closet".
SO Detectives positive TY was telling truth, passed polygraph but Leo refused to take one.
WHY NOT? Especially if innocent

Leo's pastor, wife, entire congregation and even his doctor, backed and supported Leo.
They claimed this "Godly Man" NEVER molested ANYONE!
And that TY had lied, was nothing more than gay liar trying to come out of the closet as my brother TW suggested.

TW turned against our son TY claiming he'd spent years with "Uncle Leo" nothing ever happened.
Because statute limitations they couldn't prosecute but they wanted to in very bad way as they knew Leo had molested many young boys within Pathfinder group there in Angwin Calif. SDA MEcca!
Several other families tried "telling" years prior to my sons rape.
They did NOT go to police, simply went to his pastor. Wrong thing to do! ALWAYS contact proper authorities, never just turn into a clergy!
NO ONE BELIEVED Leo could do such!...NO WAY, But defending him allowed Leo to continue harming others!
THOSE SUPPORTING LEO have the blood of these children on their hands as well as Leo BECAUSE
they have supported this by making foolish statements such as "anonymous" has here.
"Anonymous"...I want to ask you something! Were you with this pastor every single moment
of his life to make sure NOTHING happened?
Or are you making this statement simply because you know and like this "man"?
YOU will be judged by God accordingly, so be very careful where you tread!
You will have the shock of your life when you read the rest of this story. There's more! Lots more!
When my brother finally admitted what really happened after he gave his heart to the Lord.
Read my next soon.
What I've written here is Gods honest truth!
Keep in mind. If this person did do wrong and your support enabled him to continue harming others,
then you too are just as guilty in Gods eyes and be judged accordingly!
Be careful, Be VERY careful who you defend!

CryTears said...

Those supporting pedophiles and child molestors just because YOU THINK you know the person being charged and THINK they didn't do "it".
Keep our story in mind before you support them.
Ask yourself! Were you REALLY there to see what went on in private, closet, cloak of darkness?
Can you swear by everything Holy that you were there to ensure nothing wrong was done?
Are you willing to stake your eternal salvation in defending them? Think about it!
Hell is no place to end up along with those who've harmed others.
Leo Morgans few minutes of deviated sexual pleasure destroyed my sons life and it damaged and totally destroyed our family beyond imaginable.
I cry about this nearly every day.
Only God knows and understands.

The bible states that one who harms a child of His, would be better off being tossed into the sea with heavy bricks around their necks!
My son was totally destroyed by this. Far beyond ones scope of understanding.
If you knew truly understood how pedophiles & molestors hide behind mask of "holyness", respectable, well educated people, Sabbath School teachers, Doctors, lawyers,leaders and Pastors DO molest and really do have porn addictions!
To say you're sure someone is innocent is putting your head in the sand with your butt sticking up! Someone will come along and kick it!
Leo got away with this here on earth, but NOT with God!
God see's and knows ALL!
Man does NOT!
When He comes back, there will be a lot of "JAW DROPPINGS"!

I am NOT implying or saying this pastor discussed here IS guilty or innocent. I know nothing about this case.
WHAT I AM SAYING IS, don't be so quick to defend ANYONE!
Keep our story in mind.

After growing up, my brother "TW", gave his heart to the Lord.
Only then he confessed what really went on behind closed doors and private.
He admited that LEO really was a pedophile and very perverted.
He FORCED anal SEX on my brother ALL the time! He allowed this mostly because of fear as well as craving father figure attention our father failed to give.
Yes he enjoyed mountains of gifts given him, exchange for sex w/ "Uncle Leo" Pathfinder Leader= Angwin Calif!

Think about our story before you blindly defend your freinds, pastors or anyone!
Is very foolish thinking that only weirdo looking creepy people molest children...and your pastor friend is totally innocent!

I give a strong warning to those who support and back these pedophiles.
Should you be wrong, makes YOU JUST as guilty as this enables them to continue harming children!
The Lord will hold you just as accountable!
Leo's dead now, but the pain he caused continues to live.

He never admitted his wrongs or asked forgiveness to those lives he destroyed.
If he died unrepented, he will be raised in the 2nd resurrection!
The pastor who supported Leo was transferred to eastern area of US.
But was finally caught committing lewd sexual acts upon a child!

A few others have come forward and telling what "Uncle Leo Pathfinder Leader",did to them.

Too bad no one believed them despite there being 3 others telling the same ugly story.
That Leo had molested them!
Church leaders and those in charge refused to believe, empowered and enabling him to harm my son and many more.
Those who supported are just as guilty as Leo and those doing harm!
Remember this!
"You Cannot un-ring a bell!"
The alarm bells went off years ago but no one willing to listen!
They were yelling "He's innocent, NOT GUILTY! I KNOW! He's my good freind! Too loud and boistrous in defending Leo drowning out the alarm bells sounding.
Leo is a GREAT MAN!
You decide, next time you defend, keep in mind what I've written here.