Wednesday, March 07, 2007

woohoo - 100,000 hits

Deep Thoughts had its 100,000 hit today.  I started my blog on May 10th, 2004 with Freeway Rant.  My original intent was to provide a place to let off steam while I was attending graduate school. I posted on whatever popped in my head, and shot lots of pictures. Over time I drifted towards Atheism, partly in response to Bush and his fundie minions, and partly because I care about the subject.

Deep Thoughts gets about 300 hits a day and is ranked something like number 7,000 on Technorati. My fellow bloggers tell me Deep Thoughts is a top 10 atheist blog. The truth is, I don't really care. I write because I've always wanted to be a writer and photographer... which is an escape from the mega IT geek I turned into. Mostly, I write to relax, have fun, and meet a few other like minded people.

I have a few rules: I keep it clean, I don't write about work or what I do for a living.  I try to be nice, and any nutball is fairgame. I am a people watcher at heart, odd people intrigue me. Take libertarians, I am one myself, but I cannot stand the vast majority of those I meet. Libertarians are crazy, with bizarre and frightening ideas.  The same goes for the super religious (and super atheist) people I meet.- they all tend to be a little crazy. What is left is the great unwashed middle - it feels like home.

I do not have any plans to stop posting. I may change my editorial slant a little. I'm on an atheism tear at the moment, but I feel like writing about art and music, and now that spring is here, I will start posting pictures too. My off work priority is a book project , however, I will still put an hour of my day into Deep Thoughts, plus - I love keeping up the Atheist Blogroll.

I want to thank everyone who has been kind enough to visit Deep Thoughts over the last few years. Your kind words and encouragement has helped me to smile after long days spent at a thankless job. Heck, I even like the fundie nutballs, so don't stop sending the hate-filled emails!

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BlackSun said...


Let me be the first to congratulate you. The Atheist Blogroll was a work of genius.

Keep it up!

aidan said...

Seconded. What sets the blogroll apart is that you create space for those who aren't capital "A" atheists. You cater to diversity and maintain an open forum. I clicked through the roll and was surprised by the range of opinion out there. Well deserved.

vjack said...

Congrats! You deserve it. Keep up the good work.