Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A tsunami of sewage in Gaza

Or... fecal vomiting. I do not know which term evokes more shuttering revulsion. I heard both for the first time within the last 24 hours. LGF covered 5 innocent people dying in a river of sewage by calling attention to the religions ass hats of Hama who contributed to the disaster through inattention, corruption, and violence. I could not help but think about what it would take to look for the dead in a situation like this. It is too horrific for words. Fecal vomiting on the other hand, I saw first hand yesterday. The poor old lady who was being whisked away when I arrived for an appointment at my doctors office, well... she looked like death would soon take her. She left a trail of unspeakably nasty filth behind her as she was loaded into the ambulance. I would choose a bullet in the same situation. It was nasty, and all too real.

These things that makeup our days, sometimes they are horrible, sometimes sublime. You never know what will come next. A truck bomb in Iraq, or a child reunited with his parents - Take your pick, happy or sad, fecal vomiting or happy orphans. Don't worry, if you miss a day or choose poorly, it starts all over tomorrow.