Thursday, March 15, 2007

The House of Apostasy

Via LGF - The House of Apostasy. A blog about leaving Islam.

This blog will hold regular blog roundups of current thoughts from ex-Muslims, especially with regard to how they have come to view their former faith, and will be an enjoyable survey of the chatterings of the ex-Muslim blogosphere.

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aidan said...

This is an interesting perspective and one you don't hear much about in the media.

In Canada, Irshad Manji, characterizes herself as a "Muslim refusnik" which isn't quite as radical a departure, but nonetheless a provocative position from the stand point of traditional Muslims. As a lesbian and activist Manji has also been targeted for "un-Islamic behavior". She promotes an Islamic concept that has fallen out of fashion known as "Ijtihad", which she describes as "Islam’s lost tradition of independent thinking".

The other apostate who has made waves is of course Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who became an Atheist - partly a result of her admiration for the ideas of Herman Philipse, and his work "The Atheist Manifesto". Hirsi Ali's new book "Infidel" is well worth the read.