Sunday, March 18, 2007 - Your Guide To The Gods

I was looking for the name of the Celtic god of making really good pasta, when I cam across God Checker. The site contains a comprehensive list of deities from various cultures and mythologies. I had fun looking up the Celtic deities.

FINN-MACCOOL: Legendary Hero of the Fenians.

He burnt his thumb trying to turn the wise fish FINTAN on a makeshift spit, and when he sucked the resulting blister a great splurge of knowledge was released into his head. But his digestive system couldn't cope and all the knowledge passed onto his son OISIN.

With a salmon that smart, it's more than likely it escaped back into the river and burning Finn with a fin was a ruse to put this into effect.

The heroic FINN-MACCOOL delights in cross-country running into strange situations with dogged persistence.

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beepbeepitsme said...

God checker is great. It has heaps of wonky gods with equally hilarious descriptions of them.

It is one of my faves.