Saturday, March 10, 2007

Former Pastor Must Serve for Statutory Rape

I have been planning a regular religious hypocrisy section here at Deep Thoughts for over a year. Every time I start to write it, I get discouraged. These acts of violence, abuse of power, larceny, or just plane dishonesty upset me. So I pass on posting in favor of more upbeat stories. The story changes when people like convicted child rapist Gregory Stanley Dempsey come to my attention. These types of asshats are why I want to write the hypocrisy section. Dempsey molested a young boy at the Oak Street Baptist Church. When sentenced to almost four years in prison for his crime, Dempsey bemoaned his inability to find work.

He ((Dempsey) said the incident has cost him to lose his home and life savings and he is having difficulty finding anyone who will hire him.

Asshats and nutballs - they piss me off.

Dempsey's story is typical. He had power and influence. He had unsupervised access to children, and he had co-workers who just did not care. Even after his conviction, his friends are standing by him - I can hear them now - "He is not a bad guy really, he just likes to sodomize young boys". I am sure his work for Jesus is much more important.


vjack said...

I've been doing an ongoing "Know Them By Their Deeds" series for quite awhile now. The truly sad thing is that I never run out of material and could easily do several posts a day in this series. Hell, I could do a whole blog on nothing but this sort of thing. Oh, the insanity!

Mojoey said...

vjack - I'll have to visit your posts. I sure seem like this abuse of power problem is significant. I think it needs more attention.