Saturday, March 24, 2007

Blogroll Update - Yes, I am behind

I normally post new blogs as I add them. A busy work and social schedule has kept me away from my normal duties. Consider this a catch up post, a mini blogroll carnival if you will.

First up, the not quite hard core atheist blogger Rae of Expired-Convictions. I say "not quite" because after reading her blog, I had to ask her if she was sure about her decision to join the Atheist Blogroll. She assured me she has a darker side, and she has posted the blogroll proudly on here sidebar, so I adder her outstanding blog.

Skeptic and activist, Greg Hartnett, offers a blog dedicated to a wide range of content focused politics, technology, and activism. Try on clicking for friends to get an understanding of what Greg's blog is all about.

The Apostate offers an ex-Islam viewpoint which I find refreshing. I read the whole blog the first time I visited. There is Patriarchy and Then There is Patriarchy is an outstanding post from way back in February. The Apostate is a wordpress blog. Wordpress does not allow JavaScript, so displaying the atheist blogroll is a problem. Does anyone know how to display a blogroll on a wordpress blog?

Buddhist are atheists... Right? The Atheist Jewish Zen Buddhist will be able to tell me. More and more women seem to be joining the atheist blogroll, I like it.

Well.... This site has a pixie, that can be good or bad. I think we are talking good. The Mary blog address issues ranging from Agnostic Atheism, to pixies. Enjoy.

Gratuitous Common Sense offers large does of... common sense. Correlation vs. Causality: A Deeper Understanding makes for an interesting Introduction.

Those individuals who say that teaching abstinence is the best sex education constantly confuse correlation and causality. Basically, Sex Education does have a causal relationship with safe sex. More specifically, sex education causes a higher percentage of the sex being had to be safe sex. But it does not cause more sex to be had...

Disgusted Beyond Belief mad it hard on me. He posted his desire to join, but did not send me a way to contact him. He managed to figure it out, our blogroll is display on his sidebar.

The Barefoot Bum writes on many issues and does atheism well. Check out Secularism and Anti-religious Atheism.

The Atheist Blogroll has 220 blogs listed as of today.