Saturday, March 17, 2007

Blogroll Update: Three more!

As word spreads about our atheist community's blogroll, more good bloggers join. I want to thank everyone who sends in dead links. It helps cut down on maintenance, which makes adding new blogs all the more easy. On this Saint Patrick's day, we have three new bloggers joining the team.

The Passionate Atheist is new to blogging. His very first post, Where does he pick all those wonderful battles? is an interesting look at theist activism. Of course, as a new blogger, he's on probation. Remember - post or die (or in your case, get dropped from the blogroll).

Beaman's World is a UK based Atheist blogger and a poet. I will be a regular visitor. I'm a poetry fan. He writes poetry. It seems like a good match.

There was this sport, an Englishman’s game,
From the days of Empire old,
In which brave knights of the realm, in armoured coats,
Rode over savannahs of gold.
Under the Union Rag, that was proudly raised high
They sparred with ferocious lions,
Whose wild mains shone like giant blazing suns
Surrounding eyes filled black with iron;
And teeth that ripped flailing arms from torsos
With a savage and sickening verve,
As terrified, the greatest of warriors
Did well to preserve his fraying nerve!
Taunted death, like bullfighters of Pamplona,
And afterwards sipped sweet Bordeaux --
As dusk fell they sang songs of daring and splendour,
About the game named Seraglio.
By Beaman

Saint Gasoline is an Atheist Cartoonist. His first Cartoon, The Idiot's guide to genesis, is a hoot.

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