Saturday, March 17, 2007

Another pedophile pastor

Ever since I put "pastor arrested" in my news filter, I've received the most disturbing news snipits. In this case, Kevin Ogle, a Reverend for the Northgate Colonial Baptist Church, was arrested after sending nude pictures of himself to an officer posing as a young girl.

Members say there hasn't been a time since the case broke February 20th that they lost hope.

Hope in what exactly?

More on this story here, here and here.

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vjack said...

"Hope in what?" Yep. That is an excellent question. It has to be hope that they will be wrong about their beloved pastor and that those evil children are lying. Sick.

Mojoey said...

The funny thing is that the correct response to this situation is outrage. Where is the outrage? Instead they give a restatement of faith. It blows my mind.

Anonymous said...

I am a member of Northgate. We havent lost hope that our church will stay united and overcome this. We do not think our pastor is innocent and it was a police officer under cover and not a real child thank goodness. We have faith in God and not in any man. We will forgive because the Bible tells us to. Please pray for us and our church. I thank you.

Anonymous said...

You have every right to feel outrage, and I assure you this church does too. I am not a member of Northgate, or another Baptist Church, but I did attend school with this man, and name him as a lifelong friend. No one, NO ONE, defends these actions. What we DO understand is that we all come short of the glory of God. I doubt I would be able to change any minds here, as the purpose of this blog is clear. Hypocrisy sucks, no doubt about it. We must all be careful that the person we are in private lives up to the integrity we display publically. However, in the end, don't judge the King by the King's kids. There is only One who is no hypocrite. Thanks for your time and consideration in reading this.