Monday, February 19, 2007

Women should wear chastity belts

It will help prevent sex crimes, at least that's what Abu Hassan Din Al Hafiz, a Muslim cleric, thinks.

Women should wear chastity belts to prevent rape, incest and other sex crimes, a prominent Islamic cleric in northern Malaysia was quoted as saying Friday.

Because... we all know women want it. It is better if their ability to be rapped is impaired by a chastity belt because men cannot be held accountable for their urges... I guess this kind of thinking worked in the Dark Ages. Even my 11-year-old son would recognize this as faulty reasoning today. You might as well put women in sexless head-to-toe body raps, keep them indoors,and away from men, and, don't even think about letting women get an education. Because, smart is sexy and therefore further fuel for Muslim men who cannot seem to control their urges (btw - we call them sex offenders here)

When countries rely on religion to define laws, the morality police will enforce dress codes, ensure women wear chastity belts, and punish women for the sins of men. The rule of law is the only hope, law free from the influence of a rabbi, priest, or cleric. Law based on the fundamental principles of freedom, self-determination, accountability.

The sad thing is that one of our own Presidential candidates is calling for abstinence in his own form of political sellout to the religious right. Calling for Abstinence is the first step on the fundamentalist road which leads to chastity belts and morality police. John McCain thinks he will ride the morality vote into the White House. It will be his ruin.

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Lexcen said...

chastity belts were good before people discovered oral and anal sex.

King Aardvark said...

While I'm sure the cleric guy is saying it to blame the victim, I can see some potential in the concept of women wearing chastity belts of their own volition, like carrying around a can of mace (or an actual mediaeval mace like Monty Burns). More like The Club but for your body, it tells rapists that you're more trouble than you're worth as a target. That said, if our society degrades to the point where women feel such a thing is necessary, then we've got some serious problems.

Alina said...

Hmm, then I am in no danger, since I am currently being forced to wear a chastity belt. You can see my story here if you are interested:

Anonymous said...

Women should have their vagina's sewed up, and cliterouses cut off.