Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What happens when a country gives up religion?

According to Martin Varsavsky - Nothing much.

Religion in Spain is mostly becoming tradition. People marry in churches because they are beautiful and full of history, not because they actually practice. They still teach religion in most schools, but to most it is as if they were teaching Spanish history, the history of a country that used to be religious but is not anymore. Now the only religious group in Spain are Muslim immigrants, whose views on society are surprisingly similar to those of the Franco...

What's wrong with those pesky Muslim immigrants anyway? How can anyone dislike public nudity? Unless of course it's me that is naked, in which case I don't like it at all.

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clathey said...

I am impressed with the logic in Dawkins new book comparing the religosity of Britain vs. the US. In England as in Spain a state sponsored religion was the precursor to non-belief/practice of religion by the greatest number of people in those countries. In the US, specifically not endorsing any particular religion has led to religion as free enterprise with the added bonus of being tax free. What we in the US end up with is State Supported Religion! The by-product of that support is radically religious people. So is it any wonder we are in a death struggle with another radical religion? Note the parallel between the Atheist Communists vs. the Religious Free Enterprise folks--us during the cold war, eh? Unfortunately, the radicals on both sides feel morally righteous, thereby allowing no compromise or even negotiation. That leaves the rest of us stuck.

Anonymous said...
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