Thursday, February 15, 2007

Oh... I'm a science geek

- and proud of it. When did Science become the enemy?

Cluster Abell S0740

Photo Care of

The photo of cluster Abell S0740–an image that would have bedazed every previous generation of humans–probably didn’t even make it to the front section of your local newspaper.

I don't feel so special when I view images like this. The universe defies big, it defies our concept of god, it defies our science, our culture, and our knowledge, but it gives me hope - there is so much to learn.

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DavidGX said...

Absolutely. It's truly a wonder beyond wonders. And to think, everything that's in us, that we're made of, is part of the universe. Everything that makes up our bodies was right there in the big bang. We ARE the universe.

Really incredible stuff. Religion can't come close to that.