Saturday, February 17, 2007

NPR : Is America Too Damn Religious?

I know the answer to this, it's easy. YES.

The event was an Oxford style debate. I found it entertaining, and enlightening. I would have loved to have attended. The event emphasized how superficial my thinking is. When I hear an articulate, well organized argument, it makes me want to hit the books. There is so much I don't know. The debate had several such arguments. It left me thinking. What do you think? Is America Too Damn Religious? 

in a vote before the debate, about 67 percent of the audience agreed with the motion. After hearing the debate, more than 70 percent agreed with the motion, roughly 24 percent were opposed and about 5 percent were undecided, concluding that America is in fact "too damn religious."

You can listen to the 1 hour 34 minute debate here. Enjoy.

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pm said...

Are you kidding? These goddam church people are everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Naw, America & Americans aren't too religious. Of course, AngryAheists & various leftists are gonna say that... no surprise.

Raquel said...

How is America 'too religious?' As a matter of fact this once
'Christian Nation' has fallen so far from Go that people claim to be Christians so when they do bad things they have the opportunity to undermine Christianity. (When I say religion I'm referring to the one true religion, Christianity. But atheism is a religion, it has a belief that blatantly denies God. Atheists are religious because they open up their opinion and "preach it" so that others will believe them, just as Christians share God's Word)
First, if someone claims to be a Christian or to belive in God and is in consistant sin that they will not confess and cease doing, then they must examine their heart. In the case of such perpetual sin, I would venture to say that they are probibly not true Christians. We are not religious enough! To say we are to religious is to say we worship too much and are to devoted, there is no such thing! God is to be praised, the Bible never says you only have to pray 5min a day. We should love Him so much that we would do it on our own, not wait for Sunday!! Is it wrong for CHristians to show a lot of thanks for the one who not only made them but also saved them (after they disobeyed Him)??

Mojoey, I have viewed previous posts and I will post again on creation/evolution. I am better equipt with proof and wish to see what proof to evolution that you have. I noticed in prior posts, your request for me to answer your questions and proe or disprove some things you brought up. You have the right to ask and expect a thorough answer, but you dodged my own questions. I wish, in the case of creation/evolution that we both present our best fronts for our opposite beliefs. Even if you have no "scientific proof" then what convinced you to become an atheist? Everyone has a reason to believe something and to be convinced that its true. I'll post again...

~14 year old fundie

Raquel said...

I just got this email, we are not religious enough at all in America!

1. Isn't it strange how a 20 dollar bill
seems like such a large
amount when
you donate it to church, but
such a small amount
when you go shopping?

2. Isn't it strange how 2 hours seem so long when
you're at church, and how
short they seem when you're
watching a good movie?

3. Isn't it strange that you can't
find a word to say when
you're praying,
but you have no trouble
thinking what to talk about
with a friend?

4. Isn't it strange how difficult
and boring it is to read
one chapter
of the Bible, but how easy
it is to read 100 pages of
a popular novel?

5. Isn't it strange how everyone
wants front-row-tickets
to concerts or
games, but they do whatever
is possible to sit at the last
row in Church?

6. Isn't it strange how we need to
know about an event for Church 2-3
weeks before the day so we can
include it in our agenda, but we can
adjust it for other events at
the last minute?

7. Isn't it strange how difficult it
is to learn a fact about God to share it
with others, but how easy
it is to learn, understand,
extend, and repeat gossip?

8. Isn't it strange how we
believe everything
that magazines and newspapers
say, but we question the words in the

9. Isn't it strange how everyone
wants a place in
heaven, but they don't want
to believe, do, or say anything
to get there?

10. Isn't it strange how we send
jokes in e-mails and they
are forwarded right away,
but when we are going to send
messages about God, we think
about it twice before we share
it with others?
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
You say we are TOO religious? We are way behind! But God loves us and won't hold a grudge. But He's giving America another chance. Will even half of this 'Christian Nation' accept it?