Monday, February 05, 2007

More Atheist Blogroll Goodness

As of the end of January, the Atheist blogroll has grown to 190 blogs. This means the blogroll is taking up a bunch of space on the blogs that display it. I am please to announce we have some new options.

1. A rolling version of the Atheist blogroll is available. It displays that last 25 blogs updated. You can get the rolling code here. A text only version is available here.
2. An RSS, OPML, and PHP version of the long list and the shorter rolling list is available here.

Please note: Bloggrolling has been experiencing some growing pains recently. Their most recently updated blog feature has been off and on since mid December. To insure your blog is updated with the service, I suggest you use Bloggrolling's ping form. It works every time.

I have been working on a possible replacement for their service has been poor and performance spotty. Barry of Staring at Empty Spaces may have something that will replace it. I am currently testing this option. I am also talking to a developer about launching a competing site - (yes, I am that pissed).

Also - some people have asked about being on the blogroll but not displaying the blogroll. My position is pretty flexible here. The blogroll is a service, as long as you put a link back to the main blogroll post at Deep Thoughts, I am ok with not displaying the blogroll.

(Posted while listing to the New Radicals - Technicolor Lover - Maybe You've Been Brainwashed)

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Tas said...

some great ideas there and the blogroll is good.

I am not sure it is "fair" for people to get on the blogroll without displaying it, that kind of gives them (potentially) a hundred inbound links but they dont give out any.

If everyone wanted to be on the blogroll, but not display it, wouldn't it sort of defeat some the purpose? (only some, because I am sure there is more to it than getting inbound links..)

Mojoey said...

TAS - I stopped letting people join who don't display the blogroll a long time ago. I've been contacting the blogs who were grandfathered in and asking them to play along. Most are willing.

Dan said...

I'd be happy to join, but my wordpress-hosted blog doesn't allow scripts (even the text-only code has a script). So I guess that means I'd have to add the entire list to my blogroll??

Dan said...

Sorry, I missed the last bit about just linking back to the blogroll.


Patrick said...

Truly there is a God, although the fool has said in his heart, there is no God [Psalm 14]. And it assuredly exists so truly that it cannot be conceived not to exist. For it is possible to conceive of a being which cannot be conceived not to exist; & this is greater than one which can be conceived not to exist. Hence, if that, than which nothing greater can be conceived, can be conceived not to exist, it is not that, than which nothing greater can be conceived, but this is an irreconcilable contradiction. There is, then, so truly a being than which nothing greater can be conceived to exist, that it cannot even be conceived not to exist; & this being you are. O Lord our God. [St Anslem]

Peace Be With You

The Alpha said...

Psalm 14 is a prime example of how Christianity teaches humility and non-judgmental behavior in its followers. It's always nice to be reminded about that. Sometimes I forget.

Chris said...

It stopped rolling :(


Anonymous said...

Any news on when this will be ported to something more reliable and functional than blogrolling?

Mojoey said...

I am open to suggestions - anybody?

David said...

Why not just do something that actually helps every one on the bloggroll? The current form of blogrolling is nice, but it does not help all of our pages out it the rank category.

If all of us simply did an Affiliate page in our blogs, with all 300+ sites on the page, every one of us would get an immediate boost in ranking, both in google and technorati. That would help to provide more visibility to everyone. And that is the name of the game, to get out the word.

Rich said...

I'm a newbie. What does David mean. What would happen if we simply copied the entire blog list and pasted it in a post? There is no mechanism I can see that would get that post automatically updated, is there?

Thorum said...

Ping links don't work.

Anonymous said...

As I've noticed creationists are most likely to come running to you with their need to associate their beliefs, I have now begun to dissociate myself from them, as they cannot think outside of braincases.