Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Archaeologists, scholars dispute Jesus documentary

CNN has a article up on the Tomb of Jesus. The controversy over the Discovery Channel documentary should be interesting. I mentioned it to a Christian friend today, he rolled his eyes and asked "why would somebody do this?". I've been wondering myself.

One of the caskets even bears the title, "Judah, son of Jesus,"

Its not enough to claim Jesus was just a man, Cameron asserts that Jesus had a son with wife, Mary Magdalene. His assertions undermine the very basis of the Christian faith. The odd thing is, when I think about it, what Cameron suggests is plausible. Jesus was just a man, his story grew in the telling.


beepbeepitsme said...

Well, the thing that most atheists don't agree with whether or not gods exist, so if jesus is just a man, he isn't a god. This is the part that is going to get christians in a tizzy.

However, there is no way of conclusiving showing that the ossuary bones belong to "jesus", so it hardly makes any difference. I have been enjoying watching the debarcle unfold on a few blogs though.

aidan said...

Apparently the names found inscribed are roughly equivalent to finding "Fred, Jim and Megs" on a find today. These names were a dime-a-dozen back then. Some prof calculated that the odds of it being the actual J-man (if in fact he existed) are roughly 1 in 30,000 taking into account the likely percentage of the also named.

cadorantz said...

i find the whole situation funny as a Christian. I am not a Christian who goes around parading my beliefs. I let people find God on their own because I believe that is the only way to find him... you cannot take someone's word it. I am just curious how someone can be certain that these bones (and im sure they are perfectly in tact) can belong to one specific person who also lived 200o years ago. Secondly, how many people do yo uthink were named Jesus after he died? And lastly, how do you knwo that the inscription that stated "Judas, son of Jesus" was not to be taken literally, but was merely an inscription to say that this person was a follower of Jesus. I donno. I am not going to tell people how to live their lives, and I am not going to tell people that they are going to burn in hell for their beliefs, because I believe that God is compassionate and forgiving. I think some people should stop trying to figure out exactly what happened 2000 years ago, and try to just give God a chance.