Sunday, January 21, 2007

Zeus called up from the minors

Zeus was retired centuries ago when his followers liked Jesus's hairstyle a little better. Zeus has been hanging out in history books and making the occasional appearance in a epic historical movies. Life in the obscurity of minor league religions is over for Zeus, he's been called up to the majors by a group of modern day pagans.

A clutch of modern pagans honored Zeus at a 1,800-year-old temple in the heart of Athens on Sunday — the first known ceremony of its kind held there since the ancient Greek religion was outlawed by the Roman empire in the late 4th century.

Source: Modern pagans honor Zeus in Athens - Yahoo! News

Hey pagans, if you are looking for Thor, he's hanging out at my place doing guard dog duty. I'll sell him to you for $800.


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1 comment:

Greg said...

It's good to see Zeus worship revived (or reinvented). Maybe more and more sky god cults will appear and while they are busy busting each other we Heathens can quietly move in and take all the pie!:-)