Sunday, January 07, 2007

So You Want to Make Your Own Christian Videos?

Phil Vischer, the man behind Veggietales, has a blog. Over the last few months, I've read several of his posts. Phil is dedicated to bringing Christian themed entertainment to children. From experience, I know his video's are popular with young children. His new focus is on helping others create faith based content.

About a year ago I got an email from an excited young potential video producer with a burning question for me:  “When you made your first VeggieTales video, did you burn the DVD’s yourself, or did you hire someone to do that for you?”   Very politely I pointed out to the young would-be producer that, firstly, when we made the first VeggieTales video, DVD had yet to be invented.  Folks were buying VHS cassettes, and there were enough VHS duplicators competing for work that there was no reason for anyone to duplicate their own VHS cassettes.  Secondly, I pointed out that he was asking the wrong questions.

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This post got me thinking. What video's are available for children with a science or skeptical theme? I view the battle for young minds as a real challenge for the atheist and free thinking community. There must be some resources available, or at least an opportunity to produce something that can compete with the well funded competition. Relying on commercial content does not guarantee the quality of the content.

Any ideas? - Bill Nye the Science Guy is cool, so is Junior Skeptic. there must be more. It sound like I've found another project.


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