Saturday, January 27, 2007

One reason I lost my faith

In the 70s, my Youth Pastor, Walt Pitman, attempted to show me the evils of Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven by playing in backwards while trying to convince me of the "real meaning" of the song. Dumb bastard, it had the wrong affect. Christians nutballs of that era, and apparently Christians nutballs of this era, give way to much credit to the creative genius of Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham and John Paul Jones.

"To me it's very sad, because 'Stairway To Heaven' was written with every best intention, and as far as reversing tapes and putting messages on the end, that's not my idea of making music." - Robert Plant

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Robert said...

ludicrous, ridiculous, if only the energy required to do this could have been directed to something more productive... I've heard similar issues with Hotel California... Does this mean that maybe Highway to Hell supports Christianity if played backwards that would be funny.. lol...

Raquel said...

Sorry, I don't know who your youth pastor was, but there is no such thing as losing faith. You have it you don't lose it. Sorry, but you never had it, if you did you would have understanded any faults in whatever he was doing and you would have stayed cleared of that. You had doubts, not faith, and that blew away any chance of saving faith.

Mojoey said...

Raquel - you have no idea what you are talking about. None - zip, nada.

Raquel said...

I know true Christian faith cannot be lost and I also KNOW evolution is not true. Most people don't believe in creation because they think it's a "faith based belif." Not really, creationist belief is completely scientific but is in step with the Bible. They don't want to be accountable for their sin in front of a holy God. Even non-Christian professional scientists know that from their studies that it takes more faith to believe evolution than it does to believe that a designer was the creator.

Mojoey said...

Sorry Raquel, you still sound like a fundie idiot.

Raquel said...

Fundie I may be, but idiot is all a matter of opinion. I would not throw insults at someone in the manner that you do. If that is your opinion then give me your reason. You must think me stupid based on some knowledge or fact you understand and that I am not getting. If you see error in what I say please let me know. Therefore any mistakes or misunderstandings may be corrected or further specified.

raquel said...

In a past bog you stated 'the existence of a god is unknowable.' No one can understand God, at least not to a full extent. If we knew everything about God we would be living by knowledge, not by faith. If we truly belief, then we will have faith despite what we don’t know about Him. He gives us enough information to be assured of his coming.
Evolution for one is not a fact.

-Darwin knew his hypothesis was incorrect and stated that towards the end of his life. Evolutionists never said that, why would they hide that? Do they really want to find the truth, or do they want to find ways to force a theory?

- Evolutions ‘Origin of Life’ has been discredited. Miller’s experiment was by putting methane, ammonia, and hydrogen together he was able to from basic monomers, such as amino acids. But later science proved that this theory (saying these floated down to Earth and produced life) was incorrect because if so the Earth’s early atmosphere would not have been able to hold in the hydrogen. Therefore, if hydrogen would have escaped from the atmosphere, it completely falls apart if the right components are put in the experiment.

- Evolutions “Tree of Life” in non-conclusive with their theory of one origin.

-How could evolution possibly give us:
·Land masses
·And orbital path
·Our moon (which we would die without)
·Our star (the sun)
·A magnetic field
·Perfect position in the spiral galaxy
·And several more which I couldn’t write fast enough to copy down
How could chaos and chance bring this about to the exact measurements all at the right time? Can chaos make that. Can the components of a watch suddenly form, then come together as a working watch that shows the right time? Don’t even think to say that the earth isn’t more than 100x more complex than a watch!!

raquel said...

-A simple cell is one tenth of the tip of a needle. It is like a factory with dozens of machines. AND WE HAVE TRILLIONS OF CELLS! Is that by chance to?

-A Flagellum is “a long, lashlike appendage serving as an organ of locomotion in protozoa, sperm cells, etc.” ( A flagellum has a motor (so to speak), a hook, a rotor, a drive shaft, forty protein cells, and a propeller. It is considered the most efficient machine there is. How could that have come gradually?

- Darwin knew that if gradual life was disproved the Evolution Theory would fail. Well its failing. In the Cambrian Explosion, there should have been skeletal remnants of the effect of evolution. But instead the skeletons looked exactly the same as they do today. What happened to the gradual change?

Mojoey said...

Raquel - please stop this nonsense. You have no idea what you are talking about. Listing to a pastor's view of evolution does not help you understand it. Believe me, you sound like a nut.

For example - Oxygen as an evolutionary process? what the heck are you talking about. Oxygen is an element. It's is found on Earth and Mars and throughout the galaxy. It has nothing what so ever to do with evolution - except that we need it to breath.

liquid? One of the states of water is liquid. one molecule of water has two atoms of hydrogen and oxygen. Water, or liquid, has nothing to do with evolution.

None of the things you mention have anything to do with evolution. You are a confused child, brainwashed with pseudo religious bullshit.

How about this: Define evolution for me. Let's see if you can get that right. if you can, we can talk. If not, please stop pestering me.

raquel said...

Apparently you don't know the process behind your belief. And it was hydrgen not oxygen, and composition of oxygen I learned a couple years ago. If you believe evolution then you believe the Origing of life and the tree of life and all the processes I have thus presented. They are the foundation of evolution. If you don't then you have a blind faith in a process you dont understand. But then what are you believing? You have never really specified that.

As for your question...
Evolution is the belief that the world started from a blob and formed out, exploded, then compacted into planet and stars and galaxies. Life started from chemicals in the air that formed into amino acids and formed life. The life started as sea creatures then "advanced" into land creatues (then why so we still have fish, I have never seen one with legs.) Then Darwin belived that we would keep on getting better. (But then instead of fish getting better and being able to walk on land and swim in the sea, these evolved land creatures somehow lost their ability to breathe underwater, according to their theory. How so?) That is evolution, if you don't think so then how can you believe in it?

And this is not what I heard from my pastor, this is from my look up on the belief of eveolution.

Mojoey said...

In the life sciences, evolution is a change in the traits of living organisms over generations, including the emergence of new species. Since the development of modern genetics in the 1940s, evolution has been defined more specifically as a change in the frequency of alleles in a population from one generation to the next.In other fields evolution is used more generally to refer to any process of change over time.

Mojoey said...

you are confusing abiogenesis with evolution and natural selection.

Now that we have established your ignorance - you can stop bothering me.

raquel said...

Look it up. That is, sadly to say, what evolutionists believe. But instead of arguing with your opinion, how about you tell me what evolution is. Not the definition, the process. If you say I am wrong then you must know what the "real" process of evolution is. Or else your making this up. Knowledge is aquired from constant study and diving fact from fiction. Study as I have done, tell me please, what do you believe and 'know' to be true. Since I have given my belief and evidence to support it, the spotlight is now on you. What is your belief and why do you believe it? What is the evident proof that drives you in your belief.

raquel said...

This was in responce to you calling me a 'fundie idiot.' I never recieved a reply.

I had said...
Fundie I may be, but idiot is all a matter of opinion. I would not throw insults at someone in the manner that you do. If that is your opinion then give me your reason. You must think me stupid based on some knowledge or fact you understand and that I am not getting. If you see error in what I say please let me know. Therefore any mistakes or misunderstandings may be corrected or further specified.

raquel said...

Sorry I have not posted in a while due to break and being situated out of town. I just wanted to ask why I get such a quick reply to every other post and not one answer to any of my qustions? I asked this man what he believed and he denies me an answer, he only posts when I post about creation, but what about his belief? Is it that he does not know what he believes? I really am interested sir, what do you believe? What are your grounds?

Mojoey said...

raquel - Because your question are stupid. Go bother somebody else.

raquel said...

How is it a stupid question? I told you what I belief and you demanded proof, you even asked me to prove the non existance of Thor? I could have said that was a stupid question considering the fact that you don't believe in a god. If you are going to argue against me then you will want to know exactly what I belive. I belive that God created the earth in seven days. I would like to know what you belive. Don't generalize it as evolution, how do you thihnk that the world came into being. It's not a trick question. Please I would like to know.

And in answer to your comment on my ignorance that I'm confusing abiogenesis with evolution, evolution is abiogenesis- the belief that life came from non-life. I belive in biogenesis, life from life.

raquel said...

What do you believe? Or do you just not know? If that is the case I dont know how I'm going to prove creation unless I am too keep posting proof. I dont know if you even know what I'm talking about and you dont what you believe. Tell me sir, how can I have a creation evolution argument if you dont know what evolution is. I'm not getting evolution mixed up with abiogenesis, evolution is abiogenesis. I tell you what I believe yet you wont reply to my inquiries on your belief because you just dont know.
I sound like a nut because you don't understand what you trying to attack, and you don't understand what you are trying to defend.
I have given you a very long time to answer "What do you believe?" But once again no reply, not a word. You only reply to tell me I'm stupid, then I ask you why you think so....once again, not a word.

I try to just give you straight forward proof and you respond with personal attacks and I quote, "religious bullshit, fundie idiot, nut," and so on.
Yet your the one who doesn't know what he belives.

You ask me to define evolution(your belief) yet you can't even do so. And your trying to defend it at the same time!

Mojoey said...

What do you believe? Or do you just not know? - what the fuck are you talking about this time? I am an atheist. I believe nothing related to faith. Nothing.

I don't give a rat's ass about biblical creation, not even a little bit. Not even enough to write about it - unless some fundie does somethings stupid.

You are 14 - I would not even take your recommendation what radio station to listen too let alone something that is so far above your head you cannot even begine to understand it.

You sound like a nut becuase you are a nut. Get help.

You don't "need to give me time" - I write about what I believe everyday. read my blog.

it is not my job to teach you about science. Go to a good public school, the attend a good public university, then try talking to me. I would say talk to your parents but, what good would that do, no doubt they are fundies too.

I don't care what you believe, not even a little bit. Believe what you want. It is a fee country.

religious bullshit, fundie idiot, nut," and so on. at this point I am going to add annoying, stupid, and most likely ugly too. Prove me wrong - post a picture and a report card. Are you really a 14 year old fundie - or a 50 year old. I'm betting dumb and 50.

I hear Green Day

She comes to check on me
Making sure I'm on my knees

raquel said...

I'm sorry to hear that from an adult. Yes I know that you're atheist and I know that you support evolution, but you don't know why. I can't argue with you against evolution if you don't know what it is. So please if you want to have a debate, know what your defending and don't use bad words. It doesn't make you look good. And yes I'm a teen, I don't lie. I don't know why, if I was older I wouldn't tell you I was young simple. What's the point of lying anyway?
I also know you don't care about creation, many people stick to evolution because they were taught to believe it since they were young children. It says in the Bible that they will adopt false teachings and it also says that they will despise God (or just not believe in Him).
I'm not here to make sure you're on your knees. I have no clue were that came from but all I'm waiting for is a good debate. If you wish to tell me how wrong I am and how evolution is the right belief then do it! Personal attacks and profanity is no way to debate our opposing beliefs on the beginnings of the universe.

raquel said...

Forgive me for also doing the thing I hate the most. By saying that profanity makes you look bad I was attacking you. I'm sorry for doing that and I ask that you would forgive me.
Though I don't what to listen or rather read inappropriate words, I stated it in a very rude way.

Mojoey said...

Raquel - it must be past your bedtime.

There is nothing to forgive.

Read and comment on my other posts if you have something cogent to say. However, you are not qualified to talk about science or evolution, so give it a rest.


raquel said...

Why am I not qualified to talk about science?