Friday, January 05, 2007

for pastor brad

I came across an upublished sermon MLK gave at Temple Israel in Holloywood. 

Temple Israel of Hollywood has had many milestones in its 80 years as a Jewish cultural landmark in our city. One that bears special significance this month, however, occurred on Friday, Feb. 26, 1965 , when the synagogue's Rabbi Max Nussbaum welcomed the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to share the bimah with him and to offer a sermon.


Dr. Martin Luther King is a hero of mine, a hero to my son Michael, and an inspiration to my pastor friend Brad. Enjoy:

Part I (27 minutes)

Part II (14 mnutes)


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Gregg100 said...

Just a note to thank you for the linkup to my blog "Open Campus". While my general philosphy is incidently atheist, I am more interested in the development of what is "good" to believe in than being antireligion. Imagining that life continues in some form after death is a harmless faith so long as it does not promise rewards for otherwise avoidable deprivations in life on Earth. Unfortunately, ethical or moral systems based on promises for which proof of reward cannot be established enables the exploitation of people to the point where they can, at the very least, be rendered ineffective and in a worst case scenario rendered pathological. The obvious conclusion is the obligation for truth in dealing with people, even though metaphor and analogy may be necessary to communicate the nature of reality to children. Appeals to purely rational thought clip the wings of a nervous system that can bring both imaginative and cognitive powers to bear on the ultimate fulfillment of human life.