Thursday, December 07, 2006

James Dobson's Nightmare

There is something about Andrew Sullivan that I like, besides having the best written blog on the web that is. I think it is that he can eloquently stated the obvious, like he did in a recent post on Mary Cheney.

You cannot be a party that sees gay love, marriage and parenthood as the work of Satan and have a vice-presidential family that is busy building a lesbian family as an integral part of it. For my part, congratulations to the two moms and best wishes for a healthy, safe pregnancy and birth. And congrats to the lucky grandparents on both sides. Commiserations to James Dobson, Hugh Hewitt, George Allen, Rick Santorum, Sam Brownback, Mitt Romney, and, of course, George W. Bush, who backed a federal constitutional amendment to strip the daughter of his vice-president of dignity, family and civil rights.

Source: Andrew Sullivan | The Daily Dish: James Dobson's Nightmare

I cannot say it better - and there is no need.