Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Feed the Muse: Hunter S. Thomspon Photos

*** Before you follow the link - be warned - some images are not work safe (NWS). ***

I've always been a fan of Thomspon's writing. I've even seen a couple of his photo's. Now, a collection of his work is on display in Los Angeles at the M+B Gallery through January 30th. I know where I'm going Saturday. Oh, wait - I've got the Christmas thing at my sisters in Temecula Saturday. Bah Humbug, she'll never miss me. It's not like she reads my blog.

I would show you a copy of my favorite photo, fishing with guns - but M+B has this scary copyright thingy "Entire Content Copyright Protected: M+B Los Angeles, LLC © 2004-2006". The last time I posted a picture that was tagged such, a lawyer type wrote me a nasty email.