Saturday, December 30, 2006

Blogroll maintenance

I've made the first pass at maintenance on Mojoey's Atheist blogroll. I added 12 blogs in December and deleted 19. Most of the deleted blogs were hold overs from the days before I made the blogroll public, so no real loss. However, Somnambulist is gone. I like this blog.

The year end statistics for The Atheist blogroll are 145 blogs active with 30903 page views.

I developed a set of rules for removing blogs.

  1. No activity in two months and no link back to the blogroll then blog is deleted.
  2. No activity in three months with link to blog roll then email requesting status with deletion for non response or if inactive.

Of course, I am flexible. If your blog was removed in error, just let me know.


Salto Sobrius moves Aardvarchaeology


Everything is pointless
The Atheist Effect
Aidan Maconchy Blog
They Promised Us Jetpacks and We Got Blogs
No More Hornets - Not showing the blogroll because of a commitment to not using Javascript. Apparently, at some point in his life, Javascript abused him after a night out drinking with the boys.
North Alabama Rant
Staring at Empty Pages
The Honest Doubter
Toxic thought waste site
Lord J-Bar for Democracy, not Theocracy


Somnambulist - gone
Beware of the dogma stopped blogging on November 4th. A pity - I loved this blog
Desecrate Holy Books inactive
Excelsior inactive
Evolution 101 inactive
Gnosos inactive
Kele's Journey inactive
My boring best - has gone private
Notes of Intelligence inactive
Out of respect inactive
Positive Blasphemy inactive
Recovering Mormon inactive
Spoiled Honey inactive
The confessions of Mr. Thinkfree inactive
These twisted Times Inactive
Think outside the Church - odd, it now sells presents
TX Atheist Inactive
United Free Thinkers gone

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