Sunday, December 24, 2006

ah, no thanks

Austin Cline writes "Boycott Christmas & Go To Work"

Because American culture has been dominated for so long by Christianity and Christian traditions, Christmas is celebrated widely even by non-Christians. Indeed, it's getting to the point where Christmas is becoming less Christian in nature every year. Nevertheless, many non-Christians continue to perceive the day as fundamentally Christian and so don't want to celebrate it. Because of this, there are growing numbers of non-Christians who refuse to have anything to do with the holiday, even in a secular nature. They don't exchange gifts, they don't put up decorations, and they even go to work if it's a normal work day.

Source: Boycott Christmas & Go To Work: Corporate Culture Benefits When We All Work and Ignore Religious Holidays

Christmas is my official break from work after a long year spent working my ass off. I celibate a secular Christmas and have no difficulty keeping my perspective. On the other hand, my work would eat my soul if I let them. Oh, wait - I don't have a soul.

I guess what I'm trying to say is - this is dumb.


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