Saturday, November 25, 2006


I realize I'm late on this issue - It's almost ancient history. But...

I've had this discussion before. Christians will tell me that their is no way a teacher will teach religion instead of science in public school unless it is permissible to do so. I usually responds with, "Teachers teach whatever they can get away with." Which is the case in Kearney High School  where history teacher and Baptist preacher does his best to witness to local  school children.

...He [Matthew LaClair] said Paszkiewicz told students that if they didn't accept Jesus, "you belong in Hell." He also dismissed as unscientific the theories of evolution and the "Big Bang."

Paszkiewicz, a teacher at the high school since 1992, didn't return phone messages left for him at the high school; school principal Al Somma declined to comment.


Young mister LaClair tape recorded Pastor Paszkiewicz as he violated the law. The LaClair busted pastor Paszkiewicz when he lied about it in a school meeting. Now the recording is online.

hat tip Pharyngula - for the link to the online recordings.



Lexcen said...

It's time that teachers were screened for improper thoughts. It's bad enough with the pedophiles hiding amongst their ranks, now we have to worry about the Jesus freaks. I wonder if there is a correlation between the two phenomenon - as in the case where Catholic priests are also pedophiles? I have contemplated this subject, that is, the obsession with religion and the corresponding pre-occupation with sex, on my blog.

beepbeepitsme said...

RE lexcen:

Those who are most afraid of their natures try to renounce them by searching for the same "evil" in others.

This is why I think there are so many priests, pastors, preachers and ministers, who are at least, as "flawed" as their flock.

They are so ashamed of their own "sin" that they spend a lifetime trying to point it out in others.

It is kind of cathartic for them in a weird way.

Mojoey said...

Lex - I don't get it ether. But, I wonder about it myself. They seem fixated on other people sexual habits to a point of perversion.