Thursday, November 16, 2006

Nutball Alert: O.J. Simpson writes confession

It's been all over the local Fox channel lately. O.J. Simpson has a "book" coming out. O.J. Simpson: If I did it here's how it happened

O.J. Simpson is back among us.  The smirk is unmistakable. It’s a smirk of false modesty and exaggerated insult.  As it seeped back onto our television screens a few days ago it felt like 1994 all over again. Take that huge head, the raspy voice, and the eyes that definitely seem to be hiding something. O.J. Simpson is back among us, taking a break from his twelve year search for the real killers on the world’s greatest golf courses. This time, he will be featured on a 2 day FOX-TV interview plugging his new book: “O.J. Simpson: If I did it here’s how it happened.”

Source: National Ledger - O.J. Simpson Stars in O.J. The Ripper: The 2006 Edition

Apparently, his book is a hypothetical confession. You know... written "as if" The Juice had actually killed Nicole Brown Simpson - wink wink. I don't know what he is thinking. His only possible motivation is money.

Yo O.J. - There are very few people who don't understand exactly what you did. We've all been waiting for you to have a heart attack and pass into history as an embarrassing footnote to pop culture. Why resurface now?