Saturday, November 11, 2006

How Hubble Killed God

Via Parallel Divergence

March 9, 2004: NASA releases a single image taken by the Hubble Space telescope that proves a fatal blow to the concept of God, but despite the compelling evidence, many simply don’t comprehend the significance of the image. 

According to interpreters of the Bible and the Book of Genesis, there is proof that the Earth and Universe is only 6,000 years old....

Read it all. it's good.

Source: How Hubble Killed God… « Parallel Divergence

Sometimes science gives me the chills. Looking at galaxies billions of light years away fills me with wonder at what mankind has yet to learn. God is not part of equation.


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toomanytribbles said...

you might like a video i added here

Lexcen said...

When the Catholic church tried to silence Galileo because he said the earth rotated around the sun, it was apparent that science had dealt a massive blow to religion. The peddlers of God keep trying to adapt science to fit in with their irrational beliefs in God. Or they try to discredit science (evolution theory) so that their beliefs will not be debased.
The sad fact is that religion is an irrational belief system, the need to have "blind faith" is at its core. No amount of logic,science and rationality will stop people from believing in a man made God.

vjack said...

Interesting stuff. It really is baffling how religion is still with us. I suppose one must recognize that humans are not rational creatures and look to psychology for explanations about the lingering influence of religious belief.