Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Haggard cruised adult bookstores

Hat tip to my favorite nutball fundamentalist Dani

Mike Jones wasn't the only one to get regular visits from Art.

Dani noticed an article by Patricia Calhoun published on November 9th, 2006. The article alleges that Haggard visited an infamous Denver adult bookstore called the Crypt.

...where "Art" was a regular customer, spending a couple hundred dollars a month on sex toys, according to a former clerk. He bought "mass quantities" of cock rings, the clerk remembers, as well as an electrical unit designed to stimulate the urethra. One time he wanted some "very graphic and gay" videos, but the store was out of the titles, so "Art" left a number where the clerk could reach him. The number is the same one that Jones called last Wednesday to warn Haggard that they needed to talk.

Source: Denver Westword - Mike Jones wasn't the only one to get regular visits from Art.

OK, so this is not what I would call creditable at this point. Let's just call "Art's" activities alleged. It is one of those things that we want to believe, because it sounds right, but could just be additional rumor and innuendo. It actually seems less likely to me because it too public and Haggard is well known. The chances of Haggard frequenting an adult bookstore without getting caught are pretty slim.

Always a skeptic!


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Chris Tan said...

Who would bother to notice Haggard in a gay bookstore UNLESS he was caught making anti-gay marriage messages on national television? Ted, before he was exposed, might have thought that he is the smartest guy on earth and he will NEVER be caught. I believe that he NEVER thought that there will be a day where he was ousted. Good job, Mike Jones! Please keep up with your good work!

Dani said...

Thanks for the link!

At this point, I don't put anything past Haggard's perversion obsession.

Rick and Gary said...

It's a tough call. The Crypt (the bookstore in question) is on a very public, busy street that someone could potentially drive down to get on the freeway to Colorado Springs. On the other hand, once you are in the store, it's pretty private. (I bought my Halloween costume there four years ago)