Friday, November 10, 2006

Fundie elected to Congress in Minnesota

Republican Michele Bachmann defeated Democrat Patty Wetterling Tuesday to take the 6th Congressional District in what can only be characterized as a loss for separation of church & state, abortion rights, gay rights, and science. Bachmann lives in that far right of far right places normally reserved for the likes of Rick Santorum and James Dobson. In short - a fundie.

The Generation Joshua cult played a significant role in Bachmann's election - Gen J kids were drafting kids to get people to vote for a woman who wants to teach creationism as science.

One group called Gen J, or Generation Joshua, rallied middle school and high school students to pass out campaign literature and call voters for Bachmann.

Patrick Henry College (Virginia) journalism senior Adrienne Cumbus is a volunteer leader for Gen J. Originally from Houston, she said she came to support Bachmann because the candidate doesn't try to appeal to everyone - instead, she knows her own values.

Source: Bachmann wins U.S. House seat in 6th - Minnesota Daily

This election cycle is not all good news. As people like Rick (Darth) Santorum leave, people like Michele Bachmann have arrived to take up the standard of Christian Nationalism - the good news is that the Dems will have none of it, at least for the next two years.

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Sarah said...

Cult? harsh word... kinda interesting what can happen when a bunch of kids unite in a common belief. I suppose we are able to make a difference after all, huh?