Sunday, November 12, 2006

Cosmic Variance: The God Conundrum

I am one of the minority of atheist bloggers who do not buy into the Dawkins line that Atheism must replace religion. I know deep down that this view is flawed, arrogant, and just as intrusive as the evangelical dominionism I rail against. It is nice to find another voice saying some of the same things. Cosmic Variance's The God Conundrum is worth a read. 

...Nevertheless, there remains a spot of controversy — it would appear that Dawkins’s rhetorical force is insufficient to persuade some theists. One example is provided by literary critic Terry Eagleton, who reviewed The God Delusion for the London Review of Books. Eagleton’s review has already been discussed among some of my favorite blogs: 3 Quarks Daily, Pharyngula, Uncertain Principles, and the Valve (twice), to name a few. But it provides a good jumping-off point for an examination of one of the common arguments used against scientifically-minded atheists: “You’re setting up a straw man by arguing against a naive and anthropomorphic view of `God’; if only you engaged with more sophisticated theology, you’d see that things are not so cut-and-dried.”

Source: The God Conundrum | Cosmic Variance


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Mary said...

I stumbled across about three weeks ago and have been haunting the atheist blogs ever since. Up until now, I have felt very, very alone!

I've been a bit surprised by the "atheist agenda" that seems to be quite prevalent. And it's kind of disturbing to see the evolution issue scrambled up alongside evolution. Asking people to give up God is a HUGE thing.

Underneath it all, I've always felt that there is a golden rule - They don't infringe on my beliefs and I won't infringe on theirs. True - I think that the idea of god is silly - but that's my business!

Now, I'm off to read that article.

Mojoey said...

Mary - my feeling exactly. Thanks for stopping by.