Thursday, October 19, 2006

Only in Texas: Affable Atheist's expunged from the Democratic Party

Baylor University student and Atheist (now there is a contradiction) Justin Mueller, the Affable Atheist, got himself kicked off Democratic candidate Chet Edwards political campaign for desecrating the American Flag. I'm not so sure this Justin cat is playing with a full deck. He's in Waco - strike one. At Baylor - strike two. and... Burning flags as an out of the closet atheist - strike three! Justin is lucky - they kill people for less in central Texas. Justin - I travel to Waco from time to time. I hang out at Crickets, shoot some pool, and talk about my love for Jesus. You see, I want to make it back to the sanity of Los Angeles.

This is from his blog:

I have little to say to the RoT folks, since I know they troll this blog now. You've got your ammo, and I'm sure you will be having a continuously great time abusing it, as if it actually meant much of anything concerning the candidate I worked for. I am a student of Political Science stuck in a state that abhors questioning, independent thought, and anything more "radical" than absolute allegiance to nationalism and the right-wing church of hate. Call me a "loon" all you like. At least I know what I stand for, and I am not going to compromise that just to keep from being lampooned and targeted by people like you.

Source: Affable Atheist's Xanga Site - So, I've been expunged from the Democratic Party

Right wing activist are hunting for the Affable Atheist. I predict a short future at Baylor for young Justin:

Justin then on September 11th, the anniversary our nation was attacked…posted the picture of the desecrated flag, and wrote this “Speaking of which, here is the result of the arts and crafts project I mentioned earlier”. He then showed the picture found in the post below.In a separate post, Justin, who is scheduled to graduate from Baylor in 2008 shows pictures of himself with alcohol bottles, and says:

“Also, Baylor is helping instigate a fresh surge of alcoholism, and is sparking in me a newfound respect for my Germanic culture and the river of liquor that sustains it"

Source: Right of Texas

They are coming for you Justin.

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