Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Nutball Alert: Linda Kimball

Just call me the nutball hunter. I live to root out and expose the crazy thinking for fringe lunatics of every ilk. My favorite nutballs happened to be religious, but I don't limit the hunt to the high and holy. Anybody who stakes out a position that is out of touch with reality is fair game. In today's post Linda Kimball steals the nutball prize. He longwinded rant about the communist atheist leftist conspiracy to overthrow America would be comical if it were not serious. She touches on nearly every taboo in her homophobic screed. It's great fun

Extreme (obscene) sex education was the strategy added by Lukacs.  He reasoned that if Christian sexual ethics such as chastity (abstinence), fidelity, and monogamy could be undermined among children, then both the hated traditional family and Christianity would be dealt crippling blows.  Towards this end, Lukacs launched radical sex education programs in the schools.  Children, under the control of Bolshevik commissars, were force-fed atheism and instructed in all aspects of promiscuity while simultaneously encouraged to deride and reject their parents, pastors, and Christian moral ethics.  All of this was accompanied by a reign of terror perpetrated against parents, priests, and other dissenters.

Source: Commentary: Marxist Subversion And Perversion Of America's Youth - The Post Chronicle

I'm sorry Linda Kimball, this has relevance in America exactly how? America is not under attack by some organized and orchestrated left wing conspiracy. 80% of our 300 Million citizens claim to believe in God - the vast atheist conspiracy simply does not exist. Why do you hate some much? What do you fear (besides your obvious ignorance)?

At times like this, I am reminded of the words of Cat Stevens

Why cant you say, if you know, then why cant you say.
You've got too much deceit, deceit kills the light,
Light needs to shine, I said shine light , shine light.
Love, that's no way to live your life,
You allow too much to go by, and that wont do.

Source: Can't Keep it in

Read LInda Kimball and dispare - or laugh and listen to Cat Stevens.